Harry Toromanides, Owner
Toromani Enterprises

  As a business owner in a struggling economy every dollar spent has to produce results. I can tell you unequivocally that the team at CLS Suite makes my hard earned money go farther than any other marketing. CLS Suite have taken my restaurant's website out of the dark ages and have turned into an easy to navigate and update profit center for my business.  

Schlesingers Steak House

Hunter Schlesinger, Owner
Schlesinger's Steak House

  The CLS Suite is an easy to manage, effective, and efficient. The staff at CLS Suite a high quality level of service too.  

Pizza Shop

David Amato, GM
General Manager

  A streamlined and efficient marketing system that has helped our restaurant.  

The River Grill

Mark Mallia

  Economical and priced right,the Marketing Tools are a great asset to connect to your customers. I Love having the ability to update and manage my menu in real time.  

Cosimos Restaurant Group

Toni Favata
Assistant Manager

  A streamlined and efficient bar & restaurant system that has helped all of our restaurants.  

Leptondale Christian Academy

Jan Toth

  Our relationship with CLS Suite has been very positive. Quick, friendly, professional service accompanies a software platform that has deep potential and is easy to use. Our application of CLS Suite solution only brushes the surface of what it is capable of.